Undead world

You can´t kill the undead!


This muddy planet have many features resembling Earth, it is within a so called Goldilock zone. Distance from nearest sun and the atmosphere is almost perfect for life such as it is here. And we believe that once the creatures on this planet was not so unlike us, but this is no longer the case. These cannibal monsters have only one objective, to kill. But from the look of the creatures we have analyzed these decaying bodies has since long lost their similarity with anything human. When they have captured their victim they consume their bodies and somehow absorb their muscles and bones. Some of these creatures have turned in to some kind of grotesque frankenstein monsters. And we think that this is the result of a parasite controlling their brain. Sampels have been collected but we lost contact with the crew almost immediately after they started this return journey. We have not tried to retrieve our lost ship, we believe the the parasite could erase all form of life on its own. I mean… you have seen alien right!?



Common Name – Undead World
Index Name – TP707-UDP
Distance – approx. 1500 Light years
Class – Terra planet (Earth planet)
Population – N/E
Mass – 6.3 × 10 ttpo 24 kg
Gravity – 1.2 G
Axial tilt – 20°
Surface temperature – 15° C / 59° K
Atmosphere –  N (77%), O2 (22%), Co2 (<0.05%)
Sattelites – 1
World specific actions – Infection and Survival Kit