Unimo the game – Origin


We are running out of time…
The universe is expanding out of control and you are our only hope of bringing balance to the universe! Play your cards right and you will be crowned master guardian, and ruler of UNIMO!

UNIMO is a fast and simple Pocket Card Game for 2 or more players. You and your friends will set out to battle in a universe full of monsters!
Play smart for your own advantage or become a monster and mess with your friends!
UNIMO is a dynamic card game where you play with as many Worlds as there ae players. This kit includes five worlds – Fire, Rock, Ice, Storm and Undead – allowing you and up to 4 of your friends to battle for supremacy of UNIMO!

WE promise you a mad, evil, funny and twisted experience for the whole family!

Worlds – Fire, Rock, Ice, Storm & Undead
Fit for 2 – 5 players.
Ages 8 years old and up.
Playtime – 18 minutes.

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