–Don’t play with fire, you will get burned!


This planet of death and destruction orbits the two largest suns in this universe and has been the source of light that where the reason that we first found UNIMO. Since it orbits the two suns like an eight it’s always day and keeps a steady surface temperature of around 500° celsius that makes it closer to a liquid planet than a solid one. It’s inhabitants are more something like living magma than actual beings made of flesh and bone. No samples has been taken of any creature so there is no recorded information of their actual structure. Little is also known about their origin and society but we know they live a spiritual life built on sacred rituals and offerings! Despite of their spiritual life they have quite a temper, so make sure not to get on the wrong foot with a Fire world creature. Our intention since the discovery has been to control the powers of this world. Fire is a powerful element, but when dealt with you always have to be prepared to shield yourself so you won’t get scorched in its flames. And make sure to save that Bonfire, because it’s a secure way to bring balance to the universe and become the ruler of Unimo!


Common Name – Fire World
Index Name – CP666-STWW
Distance – approx. 1500 Light years
Class – Chthonian planet (Lava planet)
Population – N/E
Mass – 4.9 × 10 ttpo 24 kg
Gravity – 0.6 G
Axial tilt – 2.5°
Surface temperature – 1250° C / 1523.15° K
Atmosphere – N/E
Sattelites – N/E
World specific actions – Scorch and Bonfire