If the battle is a draw, then the win goes to the player who initiated the battle.
As you know, you can´t battle with actioncards. So what if you have to draw cards to have the right amount of monsters to battle with? All the “extra” actioncards that you happen to draw ends up on your existing hand.
No you can’t skip turn, if you can´t play with the cards on your hand, then your last resort is to draw a card from the drawpile, hopfully this card saves you. Otherwise you have to pick up all the cards in the discard pile.
If the draw pile is empty, then shuffle the graveyard-pile to create a new drawpile.
Each world contains 20 cards, 4 neutral (battle, shapeshifter, sheild & monster horde) 2 worldspecific and 14 monstercards.
If you want to simplify the game we recomend that you remove the world specific actioncards.
This was strechgoals in our kickstarter campaign, since we did not reach these goals we have not made these products yet. But keep an eye out.
We haven´t set a date for that yet but follow us on instagram and facebook for frequent UNIMO updates.
No not necessarily. If you play several cards with the same value, lets say that there is a 50 firecritter on top of the draw pile. And you hold a firecritter and a icecritter, then it´s up to you to decide in which order you chose to play them. Or even if you play both at once. What’s best for you or alternatvly what’s worst for the next player 🙂
Yes! And if you have one more critter you turn the drawpile and get to play again. But you cant combine shapeshifter with another actioncard
If you for example play a blizzard card and one of your opponents shield this, then you pick up three cards, the player who shielded your action decide which world the player in turn after you will play (you never skip a player). The shield is a respons to an action, not a “played” card