instagram images for unimo

Sorry for not posting so often recently, we have been favoring instagram… And we will go on doing so, but we will not stop updating you guys here. So come back frequently but if you want follow our process more closely then follow us on insta!


old cards, throw back to the beginning

Our very first prototype for our cardgame Unimo, really fun to look back and see how far it have come, will post more recent images of the game soon!

No mercy!

So we changed the rules for the battle card and now you can choose to be the NICE GUY or a MONSTER. Andy won this round and he is a really BAD winner… Next time we will gang up on him, –NO MERCY!!!

New look

So we have redesigned the cards after feedback from user tests, now we think that we are close to the final product. We are still working hard on trimming the manual and making it as good as possible.

More game testing

Our expanding universe is now tested on a pregant woman! So we played with Lina och Tove at hultbergmartens they also gave us some good feedback on the rulebook. Its not easy to wright a complete manual with a few words, but we are working on it!

Huston… we have contact!

Want to know how the universe came to be? How the creatures evolved? You may have seen fragments of it on the web but there will soon be more! Cause we are currently working on excavating and exploring unimo to get more material for the Unimo backstory. There will be more history, more imagery and gaming tips! We are looking …

Ghost & Mech

Just to let you guys know where we are at, we have ruffed out big parts of Fire, Ice and Earth. Mainly just sketches so far, but Max is working hard on the characters. Expression is key! And right now Mech is in the lead to be the next dimension to be explored, but ghost is not far behind. But …

Colour scheme

So we have created a framework, a set of potential dimensions and we have given them names and colours. But the only thing set right now is the so called “elementary system” the basic kit. And if you want to be part of the development, then vote for with dimension you want us to do after; Ice, Fire, Earth & …

New action cards

After more testgames we have decided to ad a new actioncard in every universe. This means that there will be 20 cards per dimension, so minimum 40 cards per game. Final adjustments, we are homing in on the final product. The base-kit (elementary system) will conscist of 60 cards. But we have plans to make at least 10 dimensions, so …