Unimo – The story

We are running out of time, the universe is expanding out of control. In your hand you hold the divine powers to create a new beginning. So be smart, make your moves, play your cards right and you will be crowned, master guardian and ruler of Unimo.

Unimo is a fast and simple Pocket Card Game. for 2 players or more, technically there are no limits to the amount of players because the whole game is based around an expanding universe, so the deck itself will also expand and grow, new worlds with new monsters will be discovered and added as new decks. So you just ad decks as more players join in.

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Fast to learn

There are only two different types of cards to remember and every deck only consists of 20 cards. The game mechanics also share a lot of similarities with several classic games so you will probably get a hang of it fast. We want the game to be fast, and it’s still complex and strategic for those that like that play style!

Expanding game

There might only be 20 cards per deck but we will add new decks continually with a unique world theme for each one. We really want this game to keep evolving and explore new worlds as the game progresses.

Share the community

Our expanding universe would be nothing without your involvement! We create the content you are looking for in this game. Most importantly we want to encourage you to play the game in a way that makes it the most fun for you, and share fun ideas for mixing the worlds!


Mo’Games – The team

Our creative team consists of the illustrator Max Grecke and the designstudio ADDI, all based in Kalmar Sweden. We love casual games that you can play with friends and family. The idea behind Unimo sprung from the problem that we could not find a game that both where simple enough that you could learn it in just minutes without deep experience in RPGs, and still be complex enough to keep an experienced gamer interested.


Award winning designstudio based in Kalmar Sweden


Max Grecke

The super talented character illustrator known for his work with both Blizzard and Riot games.

Games played
Cards to be done

The campaign

Our goal is that the kickstart campaign will be released at the end of March, 2017!
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How far along are we?

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If you want to be part of the development of Unimo, check wich world you want us to create after we finnished the Elementary system. Thanks for helping us out!

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